International 2.4mR AGM 2009

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International 2.4mR AGM 2009

Postby Mark Bryant on Sun Sep 06, 2009 5:41 pm

International 2.4mR AGM 2009
by megpascoe on Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:38 am

The UK Class Association have submitted these 2 proposals to the International Association for consideration at the International AGM in Florida.

1. The UK proposes:
All committees must keep minutes of their meetings and discussions and be responsible for posting these on the web site within two weeks of any such event.

The rationale behind this is that:
During 2008 there was a complete absence of information coming out of the executive committee or the one design committee.
With the result that as the AGM approached some very acrimonious emails appeared --- certainly here in the UK we felt very frustrated.
This point was made at the AGM to the chairman who stated that he had found a suitable candidate for secretary who was duly voted in.
There have been no postings what so ever on the web site for 2009.
Minutes were kept in 2007 and the years prior and posted on the web --so we are asking that this procedure be reinstated and the responsibilities more clearly defined

2. The UK proposes:
At all World championships and events under the control of NCA,s all boats shall race together allowing a single champion or overall winner to emerge.

The rationale behind this is that:
In regards to the April 2009 OD statement:
The whole tone and tenor of this document still assumes that eventually at some time in the future a one design fleet and rule will be enacted thus splitting the 2.4mr fleet.
Last year the UK voted and supported the one design proposals having been lead to believe that the one design concept would remain a division of the whole and that the primary purpose was to enable and facilitate the Paralympic sailors in their bid to remain an Olympic class------ this has been achieved with 2012 and 2016 approved.

Therefore comments such as " closed one design division events for both able-body and disabled sailors"
"one design division in the 2010 worlds-------- the division may race separately----

are contrary to the spirit and assumptions of the 2008 AGM .

IFDS may of course run events using section K boats and this is entirely their business and not the business of the 2.4mr fleet and committee.
This proposal does not preclude special prizes being given for any section of the fleetmegpascoe

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by SWE335 on Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:10 am

Well it could not have been spelled out better. I truly hope most sailors in the class agree and give expression to their view.

If you visit you will find a Finish 2,4mR that at least never have seen before. It was designed by Kenneth Jofs for Rikard and Peter Bjurström. If you read this Peter and Rikard I would be thankful for more infornation about the boats and if they sail today.

SWE 335/Hasse MalmstenSWE335

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by Dave Trude on Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:54 pm

Excellent thoughts Megan

When the Intl 2.4mR class webmaster asked me to help with the forums (about 3 year ago), I made a sub-forum specifically for the class officers only, this way they could post such documents like pdf files without the need of a webmaster. They would also be able to post announcements. Of course you can see that the Class Officers have never taken the time to communicate. I think a new site is needed to facilitate better communication, The current site is an old design that does not facilitate communication, it is to static.

I personally think the class should find a new web host, where:

The control panel is in an internationally understood language.

Pay an independent webdesigner/programmer to put together a Joomla type website. The reason for this is, you can have a separate log-in for each class officer with access to a page that they can update as needed. They will only have access to those pages so they cannot screw with the rest of the site (sort of like a blog for each officer. There are many programmer/designers over in England / Europe so you can keep it close to home.

Allow advertising by Class suppliers / boat builders in the home page and forums to pay for the hosting and the new build of the new site.
Of course none of this will help if the class officers do not use the tools at their disposal. Much of the confusion over the OD issue could have been mitigated with better class officer to membership communication.
Dave Trude
Mark Bryant
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