Assorted Parts

Assorted Parts

From Left to Right

  • Seat bottom
  • Seat back
  • Splash guard
  • Rear hatch cover
  • Foot pedals
  • Super Spars
  • MB Sailing Ultra-Lite Booms
Yard Dolly

MB Sailing's custom dolly is made of light weight aluminum tubing.Key Features:

  • Adjustable uprights, for cleaning and polishing under the pad.
  • Integrated eyes for tieing down the boat and straping it forward for trailering.
  • Centered wheels for perfect balance when moving around the yard.


Keel and Rudder covers Keel and Rudder Covers

Protect your keel and rudder from road debris when trailering.

Keel travel cover has batten to keep upright and a full length 2" velcro aft fastener.  The rudder cover has to fastening points at top..  Both are padded.

Boat Cover

Keep you boat clean while Storing or Trailering it. MB Sailing has a cover custom fit to the 2.4mR. Every 2.4mR owner needs one.


The lead ingots poured for the keel are designed to sit as low as possible to provide better stability.

MB Sailing has a lead package that sits 1" lower than other builder's lead package. That  a faster  boat.

The lead package is also designed to fit in the any 2.4mR.

Damien Sequien of France and Paul Tingley of Canada have replaced their lead packages with MB Sailing's lead.