• MB Sailing, is a unique operation, boat and prototype mold manufacturing . All about sailboat racing.. Carried out by designer / builder, Mark Bryant

  • Boat Building, has been a true and life long passion for Mark. Since seeing a Lightning come out of the mold at age 7 to his latest 2.4mR release..."It's just cool, to see what you've accomplished" says Bryant. The 2.4mR class boat is just a real slick racing machine, Bryant arrived while coaching disabled sailors in 2003 and loved the boat. Recently the MB Sailing Lightning molds where transferred to the class primary builder.. That builder has prospered with orders.. "Quality , Performance and Comfort are the perfect mix for Champions" states Mark. Many innovations are in line for both the Lightning and 2.4 classes..

  •  Prototype Mold, manufacturing includes, 2.4 and Lightnings molds in the sailing community.  Airboat and Skiff molds in recreational sports.  Racing automobile to industrial trucking replacement parts.

  • Supporting Sailing, Mark is a GOLD member of the 2.4mR class and a long time supporter of the International Lightning Class... Volunteer and instigator at Edison Sailing Center...
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The Crew

Mark Bryant
The Boss, Mark Bryant. Bio
Carol Bryant
The real Boss and Bookkeeper, Carol Bryant

Josh has been with the 2.4 program since the first 12 boats where imported..  Excellent at glass work and is in charge of Lead production along with all other difficult tasks

Dave the "Welder"..  He is our expert on metal fabrication to include Dolly bending and welding.  If it's metal, it's Dave's Job